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Now I Have A Super PC What Are The Best Tweaks


Linux is great. I am gonna keep it for further usage. I also run Win XP 2 session in virtual with 1GB allocated to each and this thing is a beast even while all these are on. Gives the user a great deal of control features. news

For those with a minimum of 512MB of system memory this should be a safe setting. This feature is not available in XP Home but is available in XP Pro. Damon I didn't try any of the server hardware with windows 8.x. Turning off indexing is a simple way to increase performance. 8. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2875600/windows/windows-10-the-best-tips-tricks-and-tweaks.html

Windows 10 Performance Tweaks

Whether you are using an old PC or the latest and greatest in hardware, you can still use some of these to make your PC run faster. dotndot says: 7 years ago Good post…I will bookmark this post.Thank you. Prdaeep tomar hi vishal i did as mentioned above but as i click yes to run it a dialog box appeared saying that "Cannot import C:\Users\Tweaks.reg: The specified file is not As I read (wish I could find the article with the explanation again to post it here) PAE doesn't enable Windows itself to make use of the additional (>3.5GB) RAM directly

Decimal Ha! chuck smith Thank you…as you indicated, some of us didn't know that ;) Raj Yadav Use Win + X instead… For extended use, press Win + X then highlighted letter to The pagefile was designed to improve performance. Windows 10 Tips And Tweaks This is because almost all programs (including Microsoft's own Office programs) are optimized for a 32-bit environment.

I thought this was an upgrade? Apple Macs have their use but have you ever tried to manage them? And yeah, definitely works on the vertical too -- on my desktop at least. http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-xp-tips/99-ways-to-make-your-computer-blazingly-fast/ Privacy Please create a username to comment.

To access these options, right-click the desktop taskbar and select Properties. Windows 10 Performance Improvement I really don't think that Windows 10 was ready for market. However, I have no argument against… that Linux and Mac's might absolutely get an advantage over Windows a couple of months after install for the "average" non computer savvy user, who Reply jajay Posted 02/06/2010 at 12:54 amif you need so free up some space, disable hibernate for windows vista/7: run the command prompt and type "powercfg -h off" (you need to

Windows 10 Tweak Tool

Why do people have to put in so much effort maintaining their PC's. http://searchenterprisedesktop.techtarget.com/tip/Make-Windows-10-performance-sing-by-tweaking-RAM-service-settings To minimize the paging file, follow these steps: 1. Windows 10 Performance Tweaks Play around! Windows 10 Tweaks For Gaming Also, if this was the case, I think it would cause 'fragmentation'(defragmentation is usually a good thing).

Rock Parker Did you know windows 10 works better on a mac than os X Kai This is all opinion, please don't operate it such as fact. And props to PCPitstop and anyone that takes the time to give this information to us. I needed to update some drivers (I forget if MB or video) and tech support told me to do so in Safe Mode -- no doubt to take Norton out of so turning it of drops you back to the 2D style of XP which is not better.Mac Os x users can attest to running the whole interface through GPU is the Windows 10 Tweaks Reddit

Increase your Internet bandwidth. However, the 64-bit version worked fine for me for a while but Windows 7 is an improved version of vista. Windows may be easier to use, but it is prone to errors and is not as secure as Linux. Also download cc cleaner and clean the registry.

Done! Optimize Windows 10 Performance Here's how. THANKS!!

Use a virus scanner.

Why? Yes, the Surface was very much a laptop replacement…..especially before OneDrive was crippled recently. Do it and then, once it is cleaned up keep a printed list, and mark the good ones safe, so you can easily spot new processes. Windows 10 Tips Tricks And Hacks Also, don't install updates for Office 2007 (constantly offered) if you are running MS Office 2003.

X says: 8 years ago #6 is misleading. I got Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, and a bunch of games I would really like to play. I'd want to set a single location as default and navigate from there. The % this represents will vary with the size of your hard drive.

Linda McGinley Thank you. Try it for yourself. Orion4tech Those are a lot of huge exaggerations. I just want the drives I have configured displayed.

Start/ Control Panel/ Add Remove Programs/ Add Remove Windows Components/ uncheck the box of what you want removed/Next/ OK. Recovery console, allow automatic administrative logon – when you need to use the recovery console to perform system tasks, you generally have to provide the administrator password. You can turn off Remote Differential Compression, Tablet PC components, DFS replication service, Windows Fax & Scan, Windows Meeting Space, and lots more. 81. People amaze me.

Hulla says: 7 years ago Thanks for this article, now I can hopefully make my computer run faster! Make sure to take a backup of the keys first. By default, “Get updates from more than one place” is enabled and configured to grab updates from PCs on both your local network and the Internet at large. But for frequent searchers it is not recommended to turn off the widows 7 search.

Etc. So needless 2 say u now have a new convert 2 ur rankz…(smile). I found that too; it's turned out to be quite useful! Reply sankar Posted 09/03/2010 at 11:03 amactually each time i restart my system its shows press f1 to resume and a drive error..

bees says: 7 years ago Wow. Good thing I created a system restore point 1st. If you have a SATA drive and you’re running Windows Vista, you can speed up your PC by enabling the advanced write caching features. 66. How do you deploy applications to 1,000 Apple Macs?

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