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Keep having to repair autoplay on cd-rw player

LAN connection issues

Laptop freezes during torrent download

LAN connection problem

LAN and internet connection problem

Laptop audio and video lags

LAN Connection Troubles

Laptop freezes/restarts

Kill Box can't delete it

Lack of Audio - Driver? Card? User Idiocy?

LAN card not detected when I restart my PC.

Laptop freeze in normal mode on search & randomly on web; disk access halts

Laptop freezes without warning/taskbar doesn't work

Laptop crapped out need help repairing drivers

Laptop rebooting issue

Laptop starts then every 5 min goes in sleep

Laptop screen stops working after 20 min of use

Laptop stopped asking for password

Keyboard/mouse/scroll pad virus - Asus a6000

Laptop takes 10 minutes to get to the Windows Boot Up Screen

laptop password troubles

laptop touchpad settings reset problem

laptop setup probs

Laptop won't play CD

Laptops bricked after failed windows 8 install

Laptop Upgrade Problem

LCD Jetway (Avidav) Monitor flashing off randomly

Laptop restart loop and failed Chkdsk

laptop internet lan problems :/

Laptop recognises no sound devices but plays system sounds and wmp

Latest build already failing

LG DVD Burner Issues

lmotherboard upgrade(i'm lost)

Log on denial at "Welcome" screen

liteon dvd player-burner plays too slooow and locks

Live Messenger works when I connect it to a Ethernet switch?

logging onto a server2003 domain using dialup connection

Login freeze

Loads OS then crashes after 20 seconds

Looking for program that searches contents of directory for file containing a phrase

Loca Area Connection Problem/Network Problem

Lose sound and need to reboot

Lost access to share drive and Outlook after windows update

Loss of connectivity to internet as laptop is turned on from standby mode

Lost Admin Account

Lost Admin Privileges

Lost admin rights after virus infection.

Lost wireless connection

Lost sound card drivers

Loss of USB drivers

Lost my network on one machine.

Low sound quality

Losing focus/hardware disconnect

look at some minidumps for me?

Major problems with Windows

Master Volume control HELP PLEASE

Marvell NIC Card

Media sharing option keeps shutting off by itself

Microphone is always on

Memory missing from system properties

Microphone always on

Microsoft to release Windows 10 on July 29th

Minidumps Kindly Help

Microsoft reveals full lineup of planned Windows 10 editions

Microsoft tweaks Windows 10 in new preview build

Microsoft says Edge browser will not support Silverlight

Microsoft says no new version coming after Windows 10

mini dump can someone help me decypher

Missing Folder (sometimes)

Microsoft unleashes Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2

Mini Dump Files

Minidump Log

Microsoft's How to Prevent Slow Startup

Mini Dump Reading

Microsoft Office 2010 issue

Memory upgrade causes pc to crash

Minidump reader for Windows XP

Microsoft is providing select Xiaomi users with a ROM to put Windows 10 on their Android smartphones

Minidumps How To Read Instructions

Microsoft lets Windows 7 and 8.1 users reserve free upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft's Redstone update coming in June and October 2016

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 desktop and mobile hardware requirements

MiniDmp Need Help

Missing (non-system) Partition after windows reinstall attempts

Modem Ethernet issues

Missing memory

Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam

Microsoft updates causing system crash

Mini bump files after BSOD and system error

Monitor / mouse upgrade help

MiniDumps files

Monitor displays nothing/isn't being recognized

Modem won't connect through ethernet

Missing "Shut off" button i startmenu and other stuff

Monitor hibernates after restart

Monitor light keeps blinking before log-in screen

Monitor won't recover from power down

Monitor not recognized until windows

Monitor/system crash

Microsoft releases first Windows 10 Insider Preview build post-launch

Missing RAM?

Mobo/CPU replacement

Monitors playing sound at 0% volume

Monitor And Sound Cut Out Plz Help

Motherboard cuts out USB connections

Motherboard Replacment and the new one got slower.

Mouse buttons non functional after 5 or 10 minutes.

Motherboard upgrade

Mouse stopped working after weekend away/appear to have two mouse drivers?

Mouse sleeps after one minute

Mouse driver problem

Mobo running games flawless until a certain time

Monitor color went wonky after OS reinstall

Msconfig Problem

Mouse and keyboard not responding after restart

Multiple BSOD from bugchecks - minidump files included

MS W10 Updates help

Monitor went back to old setting after each restart

My audio is messed up

My Audio Problems

My computer doesn't record sound

My computer is taking close to 10mins to load anything

My computer freezes intermitently

My desktop computer monitor flickers once quickly every 1 to 2 hours

My computer keeps randomly freezing

My computer keeps freezing and crashing

My computer won't boot up after upgrading

My default web browser doesnt work

My computer keeps crashing with no error report

My computer keeps freezing/crashing for some reason?

My audio is different now. Also

My first Windows 10 issue at Startup

My HP530 laptop has a mysterious performance problem

My computer will not play or recognize CDs

My Computer is rejecting Windows Updates

My computer becomes very laggy and the sound becomes glitchy

my first minidump

Mouse inoperative after standby mode

My monitor does not support fullscreen 640x480

My PC Mic went out. Any ideas?

My mouse freezes after login (Asus x61s) and then I'm stuck

My PC Hangs at shutdown

My monitor moves the screen picture itself

My Games Crash (Not BSOD)

My secondary monitor isn't working

My PC crashes

My laptop restarts at random times

ne programs to identify my audio card?

my pc crash so much

MY tast bars missing

my pc freezs

My sound device disappeared suddenly after rebooted

Need advice - upgrade or wait?

My PC keeps crashing/freezing

Need a worthwhile upgrade

My windows won't run please help

Mysteriously vanished wireless adapter?

Need help fixing my local area network

Mysterious problem with Specific Counter Log of Win XP.

My PC freezes

My PC freezing or apps crashing

Need help with a sound issue

Need help opening audio control

Need help with upgrade

Need help with minidump

Need help with system crash

Need Help With a Fresh install on an Acer Veriton

Need to know how to manualy reinstall the TC/IP protocol

Need help reading minidumps

Need help with directX

Need to Boot computer Twice to work

Need Serious Help on Recovering Windows

Need to Clone Installations - OEM licenses?

Need help with (.flv) format thumbnail

Need to install Directx 10 or 11?

Nero Burning ROM Reboots my computer when attempting to launch

Need your guidance for display and sound drivers

Need Trouble Shoot For This Afternoon's Build

Need some help with a monitor issue

Network stopped working

Network Adapter Problem

Netio.sys blue screen

Netio.sys blue screen in Windows 7

Network Not Seeign New PC

Network Connected

Network Problems after Windows install repair

Network adapter keeps disabling itself

Networking errors between Win 8.1 and Win 7

Network connections issue

Network stoped working HELP

Neverending Restart when booting into linux

Network connection problem

Need upgrade help from the Pro's

Networking issues - cant copy files

Network connections problems

Network/Internet problem

new comp. keeps freezing

Network adapter disabled

Networking issue - one computer has issues with connection

New board and processor Windows Freezing

Network Adapter wont start

New computer - Random BSODs - Minidumps attached

Network adaptor turning off

new 3d card. Video playback probs

Network/Ethernet issue

Network connection issues (year after year)

New build having issues getting windows to install

Network Connections issues

New PC rebooting/freezing under stress

New laptop is crashing. Random BSODs and appcrashes

Nero 7 causing slow PC

New slow machine

Network not connecting on reboot

New HP2000z-2B00 downgrade to Win7

New Computer Not Starting after Vista install

New Windows 10 build leaks with updated set of icons

Network not working

New PC install problem

Network connection problems

New laptop network sharing problems

No 3D drivers found

new system automatically quits big programs

New to Windows Me. how to tweak it for games?

No connection after wireless card installed

No Display after Windows 10 Update

Newly built PC randomly freezes no bsod

No Boot Screen on HP a450n

No audio sound after installing soundcard

No Connection With Network.

No option for headphones in sound settings in my new laptop :(

No sound and all updated drivers are installed

No Sound After Windows Upates

No network connection

no sound device or summit

No sound on laptop and all known methods fail to fix it

No sound on Windows 10 preview build 10074

New/first build having problems with freezing

No sound after restarting

No sounds. What drivers for 'integrated soundcard'?

No Wi-Fi listed in network settings

No Windows Default sounds.

No sound from left side of quad setup. Speakers are fine

no taskbar after installing gforce2mx400

No sound from MSI P6NGM

No sound from my mic

No Sound on Dell Optiplex with Soundmax audio

No Sound after some time.

No sound after Windows reinstall

No sound after trying many fixes inc. driver updates

No sound drivers

Not accepting new ram

Not getting audio output after updating the PC

No sound on computer which driver do I need

Not acquiring IP from DHCP thus

Nostkrnl.exe error

notebook problems with drivers

Ntfs.sys BSOD Help? (XP)

Ntoskrnl.exe problem

Nothing happens when I try to boot

New PC New Sound Card Problem

no sound after uninstalling wimamp (did not reboot immediately)

Notebook total freeze - no log

Nvidia and Dual Screens on HP Notebook

Not Able to Adjust Volume Levels in Mixer.

No sound. despite what Windows

Now I have a super PC what are the best tweaks

no sound after minor upgrade

Nvidia video and Realtek audio drivers not working on Dell Inspiron

Nvidia 6600gt driver trouble

Old software--Win XP

Online Gaming - What should I update?

OEM win-xp cd is not asking for activation

On board audio wont work at start up

Odd issue with Internet Explorer after Windows starts

onboard sound driver causing serious error

OS OEM? Home or Professional?

Onboard sound issue.please help

OS Won't Recognize Inserted Disks

OS won't boot from IDE controller

Over 350 registry promlems (again)

PC crashing

PC freeze and crash

Password on screen won't show?

Password protected shares cannot be accessed over network

PC doesn't detect audio cd

Opening PDF file disasters

PC intermittent crashing bsod

PC Freezes/Restarts all the time

PC keeps getting BSOD's randomly

PC Crash issue

Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area with BSOD on system shut down (pci.sys related)

PC LAN Issue

PC Lockup or fried motherboard

PC hangs often

PC randomly (often) BSODs -- been testing a lot.

PC reboots itself in the middle of night. Plz Help.

PC now crashes

PC problem and its confusing me.

PC Crashed

PC Re-Boots After Upgrade

PC Problem believe its video problem

PC time incorrect

PC freezes around 15 times a day

PC still crashes after troubleshooting

PC Reboots By itself

PC wont stay off

PC sluggish / slow at times

Pavillion DV9830ea Windows 7 - lost microphone

PC veryslow to reboot and shutdown

PC won't power down on shutdown

pc no longer works after windows logout

PC Keeps freezing ever time I use it

PC won't power off even if Windows shuts down

PC does not save my touch pad settings

PC hard lockup. for no visible reason

PC freezing and crashing

Philips Sound Card not detected by WinME

PC resetting

PC was freezing

Play through USB Audio device AND soundcard?

Pirates are able to upgrade to genuine versions of Windows 10

Pirates upgrading to Windows 10 won't get a free valid license

PC reboot like crazy

PC been freezing for 1 year now.

Pc started freezing on me all the sudden


Please help me get my sound back - audio device

Physical memory dump blue screen error when accessing PC remotely

Playing sound through 2 different devices simultaneously

Please help with ICS through wireless laptop

Possible DirectX Compatibility Problem

Possible Networking issue with MS platform (Software)

Possible new desktop

Please Help: Problem with my sound on labtop

Power calibration area is full error message on dvd burner

Power failure during the process of upgrading win7 to 10

Possible Driver Problems?

Power down problem

Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

Problem connecting to network

Problem in Windows?

Problem installing

prob playing video in wmp9

Problem enabling SLI in Windows

Problem storing video files on 2nd hard drive

Problem after PC upgrades

Problem with all my games minimizing

problem building a computer and i cant make it live. PLEASE HELP

problem setting up windows

Problem with drivers

Problem botting windows

Problem Installing Windows (No UPDATES) (Network Connections Folder EMPTY)

Problem with MagicDisc and Vista

Problem With Audio And Video Controllers

Problem installing windows

Problem with mediaplayer 10 licenses

Problem with LAN network after hardware installations

Problem in Network wireless adapter

Problem with sound and few other problem

Problem with Audio

Problem with Audio Controller - No Sound :(

Problem with SoundDriver

Problem when activating SLI

Problem with new Radeon 5000 GPU

Problem with logon window

problem with opening programs.

Problem with my audio device

Problems since t-15393-Infinite-Loop-Fix

Problem with the display of my PC related to VGA

Problem with my drivers

Problem with installing printer

problem with my mic with Realtek HD Audio Input

problems with direct 3D

Problems with Booting Keeps restarting

Problem with transfering files over network

Problems after a 'reinstall'

Problems with wireless network adapter

Problem with sound card driver

Problem with sound output.

Prodlem with sound card and driver

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