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Laptop Constantly Shuts Down

Laptop goes to shutdown screen abruptly

Laptop keeps turning off when playing video's or games

Laptop shutting off suddenly

Laptop randomly shuts off without errors

Laptop shuts down suddenly

Laptop suddenly shuts down a lot

Laptop turned off suddenly

Logon screen turns off

My computer is randomly shutting down

my computer shuts down everytime I play games

My computer shuts down.

My Computer Keeps On Turning Off After 1 Minute to 30 Minutes of Power On.

My Computer Turns off at Night with a Program Running

My Com Auto Shuts Down

My Desktop PC shuts down after around 20 seconds of start

My Computer turns off when I install OS

My Acer laptop shuts down when I play Blackshot

My computer randomly shuts off

My Laptop keep shutting down at exactly 30 min

My new computer is randomly shutting down

My PC shuts off suddenly

My Pc Is Randomly Shutting Down

My laptop suddenly shuts down

My computer turns itself off randomly

My PC fell onto my scanner and now suffers from random shutdowns

My Laptop keeps turning off every 10-20 minutes

My Toshiba a200 shuts down

Need help computer just turns off

need helpppppp . always shutdown

New build just shuts down after a couple minutes

New Computer Turns Off Randomly

New Computer Shuts Down Randomly

Networking problem - My computer shuts down.

New PC randomly semi-shutting down. need assistance

New CPU - Shuts down during Boot

Newly Built PC Shuts off After 1 min.

New Quad Core shuts off

New System boots up and shuts down in 2 secs.very depressing

Old Computer Shuts Down After 2 minutes

PC keeps turning off

PC is shutting down for no apparent reason. No overheating.

PC powering off

PC randomly Shuts Down

PC randomly shuts off

PC randomly shutting itself down

PC Randomly Turns off

PC randomly turns off frequently without warning

PC shuts down

PC shuts down immediately after POST

PC shut off randomly with no warning

PC keeps shutting down on its own

PC shuts down when I play a DVD

PC shut off

PC switches off

PC turned off for 1 minute

PC shuts off after a few minutes

PC switches off on it's own accord

PC shuts down after a while.

PC shuts down after the beep

Pc shuts down constantly

PC Suddenly shuts down

PC turns itself off after 5 minutes

PC shutting down

Power Supply and Shut Down

Power shuts off loading CD-ROM

Problem with computer powering off constantly

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