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Problem With My DI-624_revC Router

Unfortunately, many vendors appear to be doing this, and most don't appear to keep their lists in line with the connection terms of the NTP servers. It has actually gone up this week, starting at about NT$ 34.9 on Monday 10th April and is currently $NT 35.75 at 2 pm (Taiwan time) on Friday 14th April. I'm tempted to try out a later version of the same router as it does seem to be the most stable thus far. There are some clues here:> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_gdf/message/21143>but I won't pretent to understand all the BitTorrent unique buzzwords.>If there's a setting to reduce the number streams, connections, users,>or such, you might want to http://wphomeguide.com/problem-with/problem-with-transferring-a-file-in-my-router.php

DaMIR07-06-04, 11:31 PMIt's not the router. If you read his "open letter" you will see that he considers contacting the 2000+ current legitimate users of his system to be infeasible. MyNetgear runs fine for 2 months before it needs a reset. Joel Coehoorn June 7th, 2005 Joel -Really?

Yep. speeder Reply With Quote 09-30, 12:42 AM #18 Re: DI 624 revC- severe wireless latency after consistent throughput On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 19:52:55 -0300, speeder wrote: There There are other manufacturers at almost the same price with more predictable products. This option could be bundled with options #5 & 6 for best results.

  1. To all Admin's Join me, explain to your client / employer why its the right thing to do.
  2. If it does get a reply then it won't ask again for a hour or so.
  3. Ask Questions for Free!
  4. Ensure you have the latest available firmware installed on each device2.
  5. TypicallyBitTorrent can get this reproduced in under an hour.
  6. Not the DI 624.
  7. No packet losses.It's all going through, just more slowly.>Have you tried switching channels?
  8. I'll stay on this crusade until my system clock drifts more than 3 seconds from NIST (probably a month or two).
  9. It certainly detects more than windows wireless zero configuration service.

Also, all this talk of refunds etc is, I'm afraid, nonsense. I'm aware of latency introduced by this and I'm fairly certain that this isn't it. Yeh, I know - some places this isn't an option. 1) exempted 1a) home users - this is beyond us, only d-link can solve this 1b) financially strapped - if you Any time of day really.

You could break the DNS lookup by these dumb boxes with (hopefully) no collateral damage. Does Netstumbler getthem all? So D-Link, who must have consulted a similar list when they were writing their firmware, appears to be entirely ignoring well-publicised access restrictions. imp source It has none of these problems.

Returning the wrong time will NOT reduce the traffic to Poul-Henning … unless you assume that a lot of consumers are paying attention to how well their wireless routers work. Poul-Henning had already identified that the bad packets were the ancient NTPv1 format, whereas the traffic he wanted to handle was exclusively NTPv4. could you call comcast real quick and ask what they use for authentication? The wireless client would initially see pingsfluctuate between 20-70ms.

I guess you could test the client with a different setup, butsitting at Starbucks for 6-7 hours playing games may not be a greatidea.>I'm pretty>sure it's something to do with DNS have a peek here Yes, truly random time stamps. This becomes especially true when trying to set up a properly SECURED wireless network. Check with NetStumber again that two APs (the router and repeater) can be seen, both with the same SSID5.

just a thought DaMIR07-06-04, 11:19 PMUnplug the modem for about 30 minutes and then hook it up to the router and see if it will learn the routers mac address. see here Oh, wait, someone found a more direct pointer: http://www2.verizon.net/micro/dlink/Default.asp? Wireless latency between the client and the router should be about 1-3msec. Reply David Kirkby says: 2006-04-11 at 03:23 UTC I think home-users should be encouraged to return units under warranty.

That leaves the DI-624 router section. Power the repeater off/on. Price decreases & usage increases are great, but... [TekSavvy] by HiVolt329. this page In no way will I add to his expense if I don't have to .

Consumers don't generally re-flash their kit (the instructions tend to be pretty scary) and so it will be years before the traffic to Poul-Henning starts to die down even if, as If so, that'll be quite useful. So it didn't look as if I was looking for a botnet herder with a grudge against the Danes!

Reply Pedro Venda says: 2006-04-10 at 17:21 UTC Hi, Regarding my comment and the lawsuit… I didn't say I liked or preferred that way - make no mistake: *I don't*.

FWIW, my DI-524 Ver C1 is quite happy in a horizontal position. I did have one router that rebooted a lot, like you describe, and they cross-shipped me a new one. Reply Jonas says: 2006-04-10 at 08:34 UTC I'm already in a strict boycott of D-Link, not because of this issue but because they've caused me much grief with crappy firmware. Jul 28, 2006 10:01 AM Helpful (0) Reply options Link to this post by iVmichael, iVmichael Jul 28, 2006 5:40 PM in response to addhead14 Level 6 (13,730 points) Jul 28,

Pretty simple test. It works fine now and then. Alan C says: 2006-04-09 at 16:48 UTC I don't understand any of the techie stuff, but I get the gist of the problem. Get More Info Wireless latency between the client and therouter should be about 1-3msec.

If juggling all those wireless routers doesn't yield an improvement, then it's possible that the problem is being caused by the client, not the router. SINGLE. In context this also suggests that you are facing a location specificproblem. However, methinks that's unlikely.I'm not sure if Windoze ping also does a DNS/RDNS lookup, but I cansniff the traffic and see for my myself, later.

My guess(tm) is that theDI-624 can only handle about 32 streams before it complains.BitTorrent might be trying to open more. Sure D-link will be liable for damages, but I doubt their engineering incompetence was illegal. Power the router off/on. I've tried 2 DI624 routers from different stores and triednearly all permutations of settings (I really wanted to get it working:P It's so damned fast.).I have tried different brands as well.

Pretty simple test. You were getting 20-70msec which is what I would expect if you were pinging something on the internet over a partially congested broadband connection. The only difference between DNS and NTP is that if DNS fails, every web browser fails instantly, whereas if NTP fails (especially on a router), only the most experienced time-keeping geek Have you tried a different client computah or wireless device?

Kiva Reply Tim Keating says: 2006-04-11 at 14:13 UTC D-link has known about this problem for a long time.. (I reported it back in Mar 2003.. ,over 3 years ago) (Dlink's Tried to upgrade the routers firmware to version 2.70 only to downgrade to 2.55 again since the only thing I was aiming for was a solution to this specific problem. To cut a very long story short, it turned out that he did remember me, but that he had a complex network with four or five machines, routers, wireless links and I have tried interference robustness and I find that it sometimes makes the signal weaker.I usually leave my network setting to automatic.

Specifically, you must ensure that your upstream is not saturated to the point where it is lagging ACK responses. If you have any request for information or suggestion about D-Link Investor Relations (IR) services, please contact our IR officers. I am shocked by the lack of response from D-link, one would expect a major player on the market to take their responsibilities and work on a solution instead of not DaMIR07-07-04, 10:55 AMMany Internet Cable Providers use the MAC number of your computer's NIC (Network Card) as a mean of authentication (Password).

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