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Power Supply Always On Modification


This approach could possibly simplify things; the three supplies may so not have exactly the same voltage, but this may not be of terrible importance. This includes cutting any wires that you don't ever plan on using. The TL494 adjusts its output duty cycle to make the output from the divider equal to 2.5V. Having a single output is very likely to mean lots of heat dissipated in a regulator and a more restrictive voltage range, which is hardly optimal, but I suppose more straightforward. get redirected here

Here's a before and after view: We'll use some of the existing tracks and pads to connect up the components for the new feedback divider. In this way, the three enclosures will all be at ground potential. Please try the request again. If you don't feel like soldering nine wires together to a binding post (as is the case with the ground wires) you can snip them at the PCB. 1-3 wires should http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/power-supply-always-on-modification.104990/

Convert Computer Power Supply To 12v

Picture below shows the way I did it (rushing things a bit). It's a very clever short-circuit protection. Opamp #2 of the TL494 is used for current limiting. Using the path tools, draw around every one of the bottom tracks.

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  • Maximum current varies as a function of the supply power, as shown below.
  • Connect one of the red wires to the power resistor, all the remaining red wires to the red binding posts; Connect one of the black wires to the other end of
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I don't know if that little coax plug can be trusted with 12 amps. Unless, of course, you changed the values of the divider resistors to produce a different (lower) reference voltage at pin 2, but that's getting more and more involved. Feb 14, 2006 Upgrade Power Supply on Sony PCV-RS410 Oct 15, 2007 Power supply not shutting off on Standby Nov 4, 2009 Add New Comment You need to be a member Using Computer Power Supply For Other Uses In a computer, the current used by the motherboard is sufficient to meet these requirements.

Use a probe to connect anything you might touch to ground before beginning any work. Xbox 360 Power Supply Hack An important question is how many PC supplies shall one use to generate 13.8 V at the required current of 22A. Make sure you are NOT grounded when working on power supplies so that power doesn't flow through you to ground. https://makezine.com/projects/computer-power-supply-to-bench-power-supply-adapter/ In the picture, one can see that resistor close to the white enamel spot on the printed board, near the orange wire (within the white circle).

If yours looks different that the pictures shown here, make sure you reference the position of the wires attached to the AT/ATX connector rather than the colors. Atx Power Supply Wire Colors In some rare cases, the supply may not work if there is not a minimum load. The location, and a possible solution, is highlighted in the image below (tracks viewed from above, looking "through" the PCB). The principles here should also apply to an ATX type PSU (see last section).

Xbox 360 Power Supply Hack

This is shown below: The following results were obtained with a 28 A current on the +5V output: Before modification: voltage drop on the +5V line: 0.47V corresponding voltage increase on In light of the caveats, actually having a physical toggle switch or relay as per older supplies that breaks the connection to the banana jacks on the panel might be more Convert Computer Power Supply To 12v It could leave the high-voltage capacitors charged, resulting in a potentially dangerous - or even lethal - situation. 6 Gather the parts you need: binding posts (terminals), a LED with a Convert Atx Power Supply To Variable Benchtop The voltages that can be output by this unit are 24v (+12, -12), 17v (+5, -12), 12v (+12, GND), 10v (+5, -5), 7v (+12, +5), 5v (+5, GND) which should be

This will let you run any device that is powered by a USB port. http://wphomeguide.com/power-supply/need-a-new-power-supply-and-would-like-some-help.php Depending on the type of the load, the switch lifetime may be limited, especially if you put it before the smoothing capacitors as the contacts will be subjected to a high It starts up with no load on output. Most modern computer power supplies follow the ATX convention: They output +3.3V, +5V, +12V and -12V on a series of color coded wires. Convert Atx Power Supply To Bench Power Supply

Idahoser I would also take a look at Anderson Power Poles instead/in addition to the 5-way binding posts. Nice Job, very clean and well explained :)Yes, molex are great for 12V + 5V power connections.Sorry for multiple posts, don't know what happened to internet connection, it kinda stopped then PC power supplies are good bits of engineering: designed for mass production to be as cheap and as simple as possible but with a wide range of safety features and a http://wphomeguide.com/power-supply/power-supply-and-power-jumper.php Plug in a 12V bulb into the different sockets to see if the PSU works, also check with a digital voltmeter.

If you must remove it, use a meter to check for voltage on the pins of the largest capacitors. Convert Computer Power Supply To Battery Charger When the feedback circuit senses the output voltage is at the desired value, it tells the control circuit to stop charging the capacitor.All good, but the capacitor starts discharging over time, the +5V stays very stable.probably you can use a cheaper PC psu for this purpose, since it already has a powerful 5V line...

Inspect for bare wire, and cover it to prevent a short circuit.

Make sure that you have removed the power cord before doing the conversion and have discharged the capacitors as described in the steps above. Auxiliary & fan supplies Both of these are derived from the center-tapped auxiliary winding on the main transformer. This would be a nuisance, as one should take care that the enclosures do not touch each other. Homemade Xbox 360 Power Supply Step #3: Cut a Slot in the Housing for the Female ATX ConnectorNextPrevIn order to attach the connector to the housing, you first need to cut a slot for it.

You should not embark on modifying a power supply unless you understand the risks involved. One end of the transformer's primary goes to here, the other end gets switched between 0V and the full supply voltage, so the primary sees ± half the full supply voltage. Not using the 12 V high-current output at all permits the supply to operate at much less total power than the permissible maximum (roughly one half of that). http://wphomeguide.com/power-supply/power-supply-gone-bad.php In some cases you may even need to add a small PC fan to help dissipate the heat.Step #11: Add a 12V DC Power Outlet (optional)NextPrevIn addition to the banana jack

There are lots of resistors, how would we know which are the ones we are looking for?There's an easy way to identify them. Project Owner Contributor Hakko 907 based Soldering Station by Kuro 2.8k 3 52 12 Modify the output voltage of a dollar store automobile cell phone adapter. Then, the only possibility which makes sense is to utilize three supplies, putting the +5 V outputs in series, and then decreasing their voltages until the total voltage gets to the Ask a question and give support.

There is some very clever trickery going on here which I only barely understand. Solder the green wire from the 20 pin connector to one side of the switch, then solder the second green wire to the other side of the switch. Jason Amri if you take a look at this: http://imgur.com/gmHlsi5 you can see that the binding post has holes that you can insert a wire into and screw tight. Where the power supply advertises remote control lines that can be used, my expectation was that the lines would control the supply sufficiently well - noting the higher quality branded supplies

Then ... 9 Step 9: close the brickScrew on the switch a little nut so to define how much the switch should hang out. This project was based on a 200W AT PSU kindly donated by a colleague from work.

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