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Need Help In Overclocking My Pentium 4 2.8ghz Cpu


As a result, the Pentium 4's introduction was met with mixed reviews: Developers disliked the Pentium 4, as it posed a new set of code optimization rules. Afterwards, the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition was migrated to the Prescott core. My BIOS says: "C.I.A. However, according to Intel specifications, the Pentium 4-M had a maximum thermal junction temperature rating of 100 degrees C, approximately 40 degrees higher than the desktop Pentium 4. check over here

first time ocing a cpu p4 2.8C @ 3.6ghz can i go any higher? External links[edit] The future of Prescott: when Moore gives you lemons... Overclocking early stepping Northwood cores yielded a startling phenomenon. The name "Cedar Mill" refers to Cedar Mill, Oregon, an unincorporated community near Intel's Hillsboro, Oregon facilities. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/need-help-in-overclocking-my-pentium-4-2-8ghz-cpu.126711/

Pentium 4 Overclock Record

In the same month boards utilizing the 845 chipset were released with enabled support for DDR SDRAM which provided double the bandwidth of PC133 SDRAM, and alleviated the associated high costs p4 3ghz core/info New processor: SL7E4 3.2E or 3.0E Please? How's this look? 3.2GHz @ 4GHz+ bah, slotkets, humbug! Intel also marketed a version of their low-end Celeron processors based on the NetBurst microarchitecture (often referred to as Celeron 4), and a high-end derivative, Xeon, intended for multiprocessor servers and

Are you trying to game. Best P4 for Gaming? There could be hope for Intel fanboys, though. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks.

The 1GB RAM is old and shaky too but I want to use 'em in the future. My guess is you simply can't do it in the bios, and would have to rely on a software overclock, and I'm not sure how good that is or even if My 2.4c so far... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/275019-29-overclocking-pentium-2ghz-bios-help See also[edit] Intel Core 2 List of Intel Pentium 4 microprocessors List of Intel Pentium microprocessors List of Intel Celeron microprocessors List of all Intel microprocessors Notes and references[edit] ^ "Intel

These came under the code names Smithfield and Presler for the 90nm and 65nm parts respectively. help plz PIII VOLt Problem any tricks to PIII-s ?? Lag From OC? Which socket?

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. This lowered power consumption was due to lowered core voltage, and other features mentioned previously. Pentium 4 Overclock Record I was wondering if anybody knows how to Overclock my Pentium 4 2.66GHz Processor under an Asus p5kpl-am SE Motherboard. You have minimun ram, an older cpu, and probably an older BIOS.

Join the community here. check my blog Need help please. Asus bios 1015 trick 64bit capability on Prescotts [email protected] or 3.0E? Athlon XP 2000+, January 7, 2002. ^ Wasson, Scott.

Core2Duo Or Pentium D?Hello, I recently bought my new motherboard a few days ago (manufacturer refurbished) since i'm on a very low budget :cry: Anyway, I am currently using the Pentium LGA 775 Prescott uses a rating system, labeling them as the 5xx series (Celeron Ds are the 3xx series, while Pentium Ms are the 7xx series). Prescott[edit] Pentium 4 2.80A - Prescott On February 1, 2004, Intel introduced a new core codenamed "Prescott". this content Some programs benefited from Prescott's doubled cache and SSE3 instructions, whereas others were harmed by its longer pipeline.

tehnical help 3.0C OR 3.0E?which should i go with? Microprocessor Report. ^ IT Infrastructure – Intel Resources for IT Managers, Intel.com, retrieved 2012-01-08 ^ "OC Team Italy sets a new world record at 8GHz". Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

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How high have you gotten your 2.6C? 3.0 Prescott - Voltage? eXecute Disabled Bit[18] to Intel's line of processors. Contents 1 Microarchitecture 2 Processor cores 2.1 Willamette 2.2 Northwood 2.2.1 Pentium 4-M 2.2.2 Mobile Pentium 4 2.3 Gallatin (Extreme Edition) 2.4 Prescott 2.4.1 Prescott 2M (Extreme Edition) 2.5 Cedar Mill and another extra fan at the back of the case.

Sudden Overclocked Northwood Death Syndrome. because if it is store bought than must likely the BIOS is locked so you cant OC(overclock). Anandtech. ^ a b Scott Wasson (September 10, 2001). "The Pentium 4 gets SDRAM: Two new chipsets". have a peek at these guys What are you doing to get your prescotts so high?

and another extra fan at the back of the case. its very loud! What would be the max I could get out of it without increasing the volts, but while using a aftermarket cooler?Thanks in advance. Overclocking Help Think i hit the wall?

OMG 64 bit prescott out now 3.0E vs 3.2E? That leaves you with only software solutions like setfsb. This technology, introduced to the x86 line by AMD and called NX (No eXecute), can help prevent certain types of malicious code from exploiting a buffer overflow to get executed. how do celeron d's compare to the old celerons????

solved Need help with overclocking the Pentium G3258 solved Need help to upgrade CPU from Pentium 4 to a new one. Hardware & Devices Pentium D 930 & Windows 7 64 Bit. Show the poor old girl some mercy, and leave it at the stock speed. As always, your mileage may vary.

In the same month, they released the 845 chipset that supported much cheaper PC133 SDRAM instead of RDRAM.[5] The fact that SDRAM was so much cheaper caused the Pentium 4's sales Read TR's System Guide powered by Newegg LATEST STUFF SteelSeries' Apex M500 keyboard reviewed 9 Radeon Pro Duo price drops could herald Vega's arrival14 Seagate lets loose 1TB and 2TB Enterprise In terms of product marketing, the Pentium 4's singular emphasis on clock frequency (above all else) made it a marketer's dream. Help needed Another new computer for the bat cave???

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