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Laptop doesn't turn on; irregular internal sound

Laptop audio isn't working

Laptop audio problem?

Laptop has no sound

Laptop sound issue

Laptop sounds not working

Linux Sound - just a little further forward

Lost Sound unexpectedly

Lost all sound

Lose sound help

Media and Real Player sound problems

My computer has no sound

My acer has no sound after system recovery

My Friends comp wont use sound

My first ever linux problem: no sound

My computer's sound doesn't work.

My PC Sound

My PC sound problem

My sound isn't working

my soundcard doesnt work

my sound does not work properly

My sound is gone

my notebook hasn't sound while playing dvds

My sound doesn't work

My sound wont work

My sound is working but there is no sound

My Sound no longer works

My sound isnt working

My speakers quite playing sound for me. help plz

Need help on no sound

My Windows Vista has no sound

New headset no sound

New Graphics Card = No sound

New Soundcard has problems.

New Sound Card Problems

New video card disables sound driver

No audio over HDMI dongle

No audio on laptop

No audio.

No audio when playing DVD

No Audio only Video

No audio when playing DVD movies

No audio when using HD-DVI cable for Xbox

No audio coming out from laptop

No Audio while playing DVDs

No audio when playing video files

No audio in Skype or iTunes

No More Sound :(

No sound after OS Install

No sound after reinstall

No sound from media player using soundforge or wavelab

No sound from websites

no sound from my computer

No sound from my PC

No sound Fujitsu V5535

No Sound from my PC at all (HELP)

No sound from my speakers

No sound Help

No sound on brand new Acer Aspire 5920

No sound out 3.5mm audio jack on Acer Travelmate 2480

No sound in my main speakers

no sound for Vista

No sound at all

No sound in my PC

No sound please help

No sound from speakers after formatting hard drive

No sound on DVD after burning

No Sound from speakers

No Sound. SB Audigy zs

No sound

No Sound. State Of Depression

No online audio?

No sound on the internet

NO sound at all. HELP :(:(

no power to speakers

No sound through DVI using ATI 5850

No sound - please help me

No sound from system or internet; all else okay

No Sound & No Card Reader? What?

No sound comming from Center speaker - 5.1

No sound via Web browser

No sound / chaintech AV-710 7.1

No sound after computer is not in use for long time

No sound after downloading wmp 10

No Sound on Yahoo Pool

No Sound whatsover

No sound on YouTube.

No sound when I play a dvd.

No sound For a gateway MT 6821

No Sound Problem.

No sound from my webcam?

No sound or media works on my computer. what's wrong?

No sound with WD mini media player

No sound from Cmi8738's rear channel

No sound from PC

No sound in You Tube

No volume

No sound from PC at all.

No sound from Dvds when i play in Windows mce 2005

No sound from external speakers

No sound from the internet unless I use headphones

No sound caused by a Virus/Program?

No sounds on DVD playback

No sound coming from my work PC

no sound with dvd playback

No Audio on DVD playback

No audio sound

No sound on DVDs

No sound no matter what

No Sound on ECS PT800CE-A MB

No Sound after I installed a HIS Radeon HD 2600 Pro

No Sound on Fujitsu Siemens v5535

No Sound coming from speakers

No sound from X-FI after fresh Win7-64 install on RAID 0

No sound on my computer

No sound help please

NO SOUND IN NEW Microstar K7N2 Delta 2 Motherboard

No sound or video on DVD/CDRW

No Sound On My Laptop

No sound on my pc HELP

No Sound In Vista Ultimate - So Frustrated

No sound after reformatting

No Sound on Vista

No sound on dvd playback

No sound for anything on the internet

No sound using xp with sblive

No sound via HDMI

No sound from computer but can only hear sounds from mic

No Sound after xp reinstall added C-MediaAC97 Driver

No sound from computer

No sound from DVD ROM headphone socket

No sound after reinstalling Windows

No sound coming from my laptop

No sound Dell Optiplex GX 260

no sound after i formated my pc

No Sound From Headphone Jack With Realtek Hd Audio Device?

No sound from computer speakers

No sound from the speakers or headphones of the computer

No sound in RH8

no sound at all plz help

No sound after reformatting computer

No sound in vista.

No sound w/Media Player or Real One Player

No sound after upgrading to GTX 460

No sound on when i burn my dvds.

No sound when on internet

No sound coming from computer

No sound OR USB's after replacing internal power supply

New to Ubuntu with audio issues

No Video Sound

No sound with Asus A7N8X mobo

No sound through main speakers

No sound through speakers

No sound card

No Audio with My Graphics Card

No sound when making VCD's

No sound when playing DVD's?

No Sound- HELP ME

no sound coming from my computer

No sound when streaming

No Sound from ECS intergrated audio

No sound from HP Pavilion G5460uk/ Samsung B2230H

No sound from speakers (headphones got) after shut down

No sound on Acer Aspire 5100 series

No sound thru headphones

No sound on Dell Dimension even after reformatting

No Sound and Need Help please

No sound on my PC

no sound on my computer help

No sound when playing video files

No sound with Asus P4S533-MX

No sound on ANY dvd player after WMP11 installed?

No Sound with only one account.

No sound in the computer at all

No soundcard detected.but there is

No sound after OS reinstall

No sound from speakers - Realtek Audio

No sound after reformatting PC

No sound in WMP

No sound after formatting the c: harddisk

No sound from onboard sound

no sounds except for windows media player files

No sound related problem

No sound. Deleted Multimedia Audio Controller. Could really use some help.

no sound on pc

No Sounds

Old computer without sound

Onboard sound suddenly stopped working?

No sound after startup

No sounds on my computer

Onboard audio quit after changing case

Optical (SPDIF) Out not working

Only have sound with certain files

PC audio isn't centered as it is supposed to be

Please Help. Sound not working

Please help my no sound laptop

Please help.no sound on my laptop

Problem with audio after re formatting

Problem with my sound

Problem with sound

problem with sound device

Problem with sound while playing games

Problem with Sound Card

problem with sound card and itunes

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