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Looks like some colours on your GUI match the colour key which Xv uses. Just insert it and hit the DVD autoplay button or start xine from the command line. The osd renderer is a module providing simple graphic primitives (lines, rectagles, draw text etc) over a "virtual" bitmap area. Can I build them?

Coding style and guidelines This section contains some guidelines for writing xine-code. My xine is runing in black and white! / I only get a grey video output! Also some Xv drivers contain slow copies and accessing the video card directly may yield performance gains. Implementation of the "push" method follows:    static void push (my_stack_t *this_gen, int i) {     intstack_t *this = (intstack_t *)this_gen;     this->values[MAX_STACK_SIZE - ++this->stack_size] = i;    } The part added to

What's up!?Audio is stuttering and i see a lot of "metronom: fixing sound card drift by -2115 pts" on the console outputxine seems to lose sound arbitrarily during playback, especially with How to create own xine subtitle fonts? Occasional messages of "fixing sound card drift" may happen on start and when playing a long stream (like a movie). SVCDS ?

Starting xine fails with complains about   Home News About xine Features Authors FAQ list Useful links Download Developer's Corner Hacker's Guide Repositories Language Bindings Sample Code Quality Assurance Bug Tracker If you set this field, make sure these are correct for your particular setup. The "this" pointer needs to be cast to the private pointer type to gain access to the private member variables. This would not be useful, because xine does its own caching and you usually play DVDs sequentially, which means you won't reuse anything from the cache.

It's a pretty free-form document containing a loose collection of articles describing various aspects of xine's internals. Advanced Search Forum Community Help: Check the Help Files, then come here to ask! xine-ui needs libpng and optionally aalib, gxine needs GTK+ 2.0. http://www.antionline.com/showthread.php?255561-Need-Help-from-Xine-User post Video and audio post effect plugins live here.

Try upgrading your copy and read the section about unscaled osd. even if nobody else can help, perhaps we can at least trade warstories. Not every decoder may support this feature. To verify this, try running xine with the XShm video output plugin:    xine -V XShm If that works fine, you just proved, that the Xv extension is buggy.

Software having problems installing xine, need help If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Basically, everything in this picture that is not called "plugin" lives here. There should be at least one "track", and one "entry" listed for the VideoCD and the names of these in the MRL list will end with "T1" and "E0" respectively. Join our community today!

Some mail clients and webmail services are known to mangle whitespace or wrap lines, either of which is enough to render a patch potentially useless. This is not a recommended pratice since it will require to run xine as root, but you may give it a try if you want:    nice --5 xine xine needs high There should be a line like:    video.device.xv_colorkey:2110 in your ~/.xine/config file where you can change the colour that's used by xine for the video overlay. But the problem would be that Linux throws everything out of the cache that might be in there.

Arts? xine supports both pnm and rtsp streaming. Run xine with the MRL vcd:/test_svcd_pal.cue:E0. If you are using xine-lib version 1-rc3 or newer, this is probably due buggy XV drivers that do not support unscaled OSD (the XShape extension) properly.

I just can't get it towork.I have read all the Xine docs, XFree86 docs, searched the web, andaccording toeverything I have seen and read it should work. The drawback of using internal RLE format is the difficulty in manipulating it as graphic. This points to a problem with the Xv extension, which is used by xine to display the video image.

First of all an official and stable release of gcc.

This could mean you either have to change the device permissions or add your user to a special group (e.g. libspudec DVD SPU subtitle decoder plugin. For Parhelia, use the binary only drivers available from matrox' website. Restart xine then and you should be able to watch Real files/streams.

VideoCD debugging To facilitate tracking down problems we let you see what's going on dynamically. Palette may be manipulated directly, however most of the time it's convenient to use pre-defined text palettes.    /* set sans serif 24 font */    osd_renderer->set_font(osd, "sans", 24);        /* copy pre-defined However, for encrypted DVD playback libdvdcss is needed. Chapter 4. xine internalsTable of ContentsEngine architecture and data flowPlugin systemPlugin location and filesystem layoutPlugin Content: What's inside the .so?What is this metronom thingy?How does xine synchronize audio and video?Overlays and OSDOverlay ManagerOSD

Some example could be a mixer application or sound daemon like artsd. Please do not send patches to individual developers unless instructed otherwise because your patch is more likely to get lost in an overfull INBOX in that case. As we saw above, we can emulate object orientation reduced to our real needs in plain C. Plugin location and filesystem layout The primary goal for this new plugin mechanism was the need to support simultaneous installation of several (most likely incompatible) libxine versions without them overwriting each

aalib is an ascii art library. Each output line will start with "modulename: ".    #define LOG_MODULE "modulename" LOG_VERBOSE can be defined to enable the logging of functionname and linenumbers. BTW: This thing is called xine, never Xine. Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: having problems installing xine, need help Tweet Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… Subscribe to this Thread… Display Linear Mode Switch to

Various debugging settings will cause output to appear on xine's plugin log and/or on standard error output. The DVD authorities decided to divide the world into eight geographical regions. Patches should normally be included as attachments. Can I watch Quicktime (.mov, .mp4) files using xine?

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