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Maxtor External Hard Drive Will Not Respond After If Was Knocked Over On The Floor


I think he was trying to throw me a lifeline with the freezer tip, without losing his job. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:One word (Score:5, Informative) by ArsenneLupin ( 766289 ) writes: on Sunday July 29, 2012 @02:22AM (#40806285) For fuck's sake, am I the only one who Mike_NY Reply January 17, 2009 I've got a 160 gig Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 that does seem to get spinning but then it clicks once and the data light goes off. On some drives (not all), if you have an identical same model drive, you can swap over the logic board. Check This Out

I will let you know how it goes Tcm Tcm Reply September 10, 2007 didnt work…….oh f*ck…….deep frozen it for a go next week when i get back from Russia. read only, still, you couldnt write to it, but the data on my once-dead drive was still there, and fully intact. do you say that because he's never heard of this "Trick" I'm not saying it wont ever work but this more often than not will do exactly the opposite the drives and yes beware of condensation, use ziptop freezer bags around the drive and rubberband them flat to get all posible air away from the drive before cooling. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/maxtor-external-hard-drive-will-not-respond-after-if-was-knocked-over-on-the-floor.157241/

Hard Drive Clicking Noise Fix

It seemed dead, but there was a lot of Articles & News Forum Graphics & Displays CPU Components Motherboards Games Storage Overclocking Tutorials All categories Chart For IT Pros I'm too stupid to make regular backups, so there's about three months of work stored on there which i now can't get to, and which i didn't backup anywhere else - I have heard cats knocking the hard drives off, kids and users tripping over external hard drive cables. so i tried right now im trying the freezing way and we will see whats gonna happen.

Everything is in stop time ( can't even use ctrl+atl+del) when my computer restarts, it shows that my primary master isn't detected. The maxtor is a brand new hard drive, i had the same problem with my old western digital (40gb one) and i replaced it. View 3 Replies . Click Of Death Then add a tape drive and start backing the dumb thing up!My so-called logic:Metal contracts when it is cold....

So, I put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. Yes, what you're doing is actually forcing the drive to remap bad sectors. The inside of the drive, and the aerodynamic design of the arm catch this air current and the air current causes the heads to float at a certain height. http://www.thetechmentor.com/posts/put-your-hard-drive-in-the-freezer-to-recover-data/ I guess I didn't use enough bags because when I took it out there was condensation all over it.

I had one drive that was so bad once that I had to hose it down with the liquid refrigent from cans of compressed air every 30-40 seconds. Hard Drive Not Detected View 7 Replies . Lillie Reply August 23, 2007 Oh, alright, thanks Casey. Drive Is On Fire, 68*c Hard Disk For some reason my wd re 250gig drive is always hot, and doesn't matter where it is located inside the computer, it is always

External Hard Drive Making Clicking Noise

This works on Linux or Mac, but on Solaris you must use GNU dd for it to work---the included one is just broken. check it out Can a USB port damage an external hard drive? Hard Drive Clicking Noise Fix Different encoding techniques have certain known data pattern weaknesses, data patterns that when encoded will produce a more difficult to read signal on the disk than other patterns. Hard Disk Clicking Sound And Not Detected Shaun May 24, 2014 /Dear Cautious.

Man you want to talk about a tense as hell experience, there I was with a gal just crying her eyes out because that drive was the ONLY source of a his comment is here However, I had a Deskstar drive that actually came out of a broken computer and sat on the shelf for a couple of months before I tried to re-use it. Don't forget to wrap the drive wit ... Following these can help prevent costly repairs or recovery down the road. Seatools

I have since relocated my small fridge in my lab next to my test bench with a external USB enclosure in the freezer portion. It will condense on the casing, even on the logic board; but it won't get anywhere near the platters, or the heads. Just make sure you put it in a zip lock bag first. this contact form If you can see the file system, then priority actions are:?

Thanks! Hard Drive Recovery You should have approximately 30 minutes of good spin time left before a fina?l?and much more permanen?t?shut down.This problem often arises from a catastrophic hard disk crash?bearings are usually the culprit, It?s possible the HDD controller is bad.

Most likely to a connection rather than the internal guts of the PSU.I strongly suspect your drives are ok and the data is still intact.

If the drive boots to an operating system and you can get to either a network or backup medium, then start copying the most important data off first. A Shrink wrap gun works best, but a hairdryer will do the trick if that is all you have. Try booting with a floppy and run 'fdisk' to view drive information. Seagate Warranty However the heads are "flying" at a fairly high angle of attack, so it is really only the trailing edge of the head that is in contact with the disk at

Because of the possibility of condensation, I used the fridge first. Your only option in this case is a professional service that can do a complete disassembly and rebuild of the device in a clean environment. I have no idea what actually happened, and am still skeptical to attribute the success to the freezer, but I did get what I wanted. navigate here An external harddrive, in 2 airtight ziploc bags… 24 hours.

For this method, you will need either a small Philips screwdriver or a Torx (T8) driver to remove the screws holding the drive body together. TechSpot is a registered trademark. No drives were spinning. Posted On: 04-13-2009, 12:41 AM .

DirecTV Now vs. solved Did I corrupt or damage my files or disc on my external hard drive? How embarrassing. Then when I plugged it in after a few hours all i got was the clicking sound for a few seconds then the light will go off and would still be

Brian Casey Reply November 10, 2009 Yes, thanks for the reply Paul. I have quite a bit of luck, but 90 percent of the time it only works once.Hit itFrom: Karen_Roman1. Tech?First Answe?r?Nothing, your computer is too old, and the data on there is not really of that much importance. Check out Maxtor for analysis tools and referrals of course.

Makusi Reply July 7, 2010 Kevin, you should try pouring liquid nitrogen and maybe it will work?? I have photos on that hard drive of animals that have passed on. Sent it to one rescue firm, came back without successful restore, sent it to another one, got more than 99% back, lost nothing important, cost somewhere in the low 4 figures.With What is wrong?

Can anyone tell me what is the problem with my hard drive and is there anyway to recover all my data from it. Moe Long Sling TV vs. Check the system to see if the drive will detect and boot up successfully. Dave Reply August 3, 2009 I got a seagate 500gb sata drive in February and the other day my pc just stopped working.

Its 6 degrees outside (Ya gotta Love New York weather) so I put the Drive in a ziplock bag and opened up my grill and set it on the bun warmer To believe it'll work for any length of time is less likely on its own. The PC board or if you never noticed the circuit board is external.

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