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Laptop drive options?

Laptop hard disk is not working on my laptop but work on my pc

Laptop freezes with HDD light glowing

Laptop Hard Drive In Desktop?

Laptop Hard Drive Insertion

laptop hard drive on desktop computer

Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade Questions

Laptop HD's and Converters

Laptop hard drive failing.

Laptop internal hard disk is not detected either inside or at USB

Laptop HDD

Laptop HDD not booting in PC bios

Laptop hard drive switch over

Laptop HDD on desktop PC ?

Laptop Hard Disk

Laptop hard drive data recovery

just fitted a 250gb hitatchi sata HD

Laptop hard drive problem ( i think )

Laptop Hard Drive?

Laptop Hardrive Form Factors.

Laptop HD to Desktop

Lap top dies but need to access data from harddrive

Launch program when external drive is switched on?

Laptop won't detect usb hard drive

Laptop Hard Drive partitioning help

Laptop wont turn on after replacing HDD

Large Capacity Drives

Large Hard Drive

Latest hard drive reliability data reveals it may be best to avoid 3TB drives

laptop hard drives

laptop hdd Q?

Latitude C600 hard drive swap?

Locked Hard Drive

Looking for a job recovering hard drives

Locked HDD/SSD stopping boot up

Locked Seagate hdd st9120823as

Looking for a 1TB internal HD

Looking for Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 hard drive caddy

Locking out a Hardive

Looking to upgrade my hard drive need some help on choosing whats right for me?

Looking to buy a new HDD

lost 130 gb of space when I deleted a partition while installing windows

Looking for a good 3.5 enclosure?

Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back?

Looking to buy seagate pocket hard drive.

Lost GIGS from HD

Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them

Lost drives?

Lost hdd space post format

Mac external drive to be used with vista

make HDD slave

Lost Hard Disk Contents

Lost my 2nd Hard drive

Managing multiple hdds

master to slave virus transfer?

Lost HD space but 2 new drives

Massive HDD failure?

Looking for laptop without hard drive

Maxtor external hard drive will not respond after if was knocked over on the floor

Making SATA Primary Driver When it is my Only Hard Drive

Master and Slave SATA

Maxtor Hard Drive Heating Problems

maxtor hard drive needs new booting partition

Maxtor hard drive noisy

Maxtor HD problems

Maxtor HDD

Maxtor HDD Trouble

Maxtor Hdd's set to Raid O aren't recognized when loading XP Pro

Maxtor is either detected in Bios or during IDE scan

Lost disk space

Making new HDD the boot drive

Lost Hard Drive

Maxtor basic hard drive cannot be seen by my computer

Maxtor lll external HDD no longer recognized by my computer

Maxtor SATA installation problem

Missing Gigs

missing hard disc icon

Missing hard drive

Missing Hard drive Memory

Missing Hard Drive Space

Missing hard drive space after reformat

Missing hard drive space after restoring laptop to factory settings

Missing hard drive space after system restore?

Missing 16gigs harddrive of space

mobo won't detect HDD

Missing hdd space

Maximum hard drive size

Missing partition [too small?]

Mobo BIOS won't recognise HD as Primary IDE Master

Mistakingly formatted computer

Mobo Problem or HDD Problem

Mobo K8S-MX: Hard drive not detected when installing Win XP.

Most Reliable 1TB-2TB External Storage?

most reliable hdd brand?

Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

More Sata Trouble

motherboard is bad can I download data from the hard drive?

motherboard/ hardrive problem

Motherboard and SATA drive

More HD storage

Motherboard or hard drive?

Move hard drive to recover data

Moving 1 HDD to another computer to have dual HDDs

Multiple Hard drives

Multiple hard drives show up in Explorer

MSI Mobo doesn't detect HP SATA optical drive

Musical Hard drive

my 2 sata hard disks are showing up as unkown devices and wont boot

Multiple OS's on separate hard drives

My computer is not recogninzing my hard drive?

My computer hangs when I connect external hard disk?

Moving XP from one hard drive to another (different sizes)

Multi-drive setup

My external Western Digital HDD is not recognized

My formatted HD wont show up in Windows

My computer wont recognize my harddrive to load windows. Help

My hard drive light blinks every second or two.

My harddrives keep disappearing

My IDE Hard Dreive Detected by BIOS but XP is not showing

My hard drive

My computer won't recognize my HDD

My hard drive is gone

My Maxtor 6 b250s0 sata HDD appears as a CD drive?

My one IDE HD is not visible

My laptop freezes when I connect an external HDD

My Hard Drive Smaller???

My hard drive space keeps dwindling down for some unknown reason.assistance please?

My Hard Drives are Missing

My Toshiba Canvio portable hard drive 500GB is not detected

My hard drive.caught fire.Can I retrieve the files?

Mystery: Hard drive troubles

my system won't detect my hard drive

My WD external cannot be detected

My WD External HD randomly started giving me access is denied messages.

mystic drives after running pc for a while

My Western Digital 200GB SATA hard drive keeps disappearing

My HP vista computer isnt recongizing my WD external drive

NDAS Connection Problem with Freecom Classic SL Network Drive

Need advice about the compatability of a new hard drive

Need a new fan to Cool HDD bay

My system will not boot with new HDD.

My Maxtor hard drive died after only one year and I don't understand.

Need advise on new HDD

Need advice with my HDD

Need Hard Drive Help

Need 200gb+ sata hdd

My XP o/s cannot see the hard drive

Need advice on second HDD

Mysteriously full hard drive

need files off old hard drive

My WD hard disk is not detecting

Need hdd pcb

my friend dropped my ext. hd last night.

Need help ghosting my SATA drive

Need help adding hard drive space (compatibility and how-to)

need help for the new motherboard I'm planing to puy

Need Help Pulling Out The Processor In A Dell 2400

Need Help Installing HDDs

My New Hard Drive Doesnt Work

Need Help Cloning Old Hard Drive to New Hard Drive (quick question)

Need help with mobile hard drive

Need help setting up SATA hard drive.

need help with reformat hard drive

Need help with Hard Drive to Motherboard

Need Help Configuring Drive Setup

Need 1 or 1.5 TB internal SATA drive

Need info on how to add a new hard drive while keeping my old one intact?

Need help transferring files from old hard drive.

Need help picking a HDD

need help with partitioning

Need help with sata setup.

My hard drive is not shown in my computer

Need help with selecting a laptop hard drive for a Sony VAIO

Need some harddrive partitioning advice

Need Advice on Portable External HDs

Need help getting data off of hard drive?

Need new hard drive.

Need some info on a particular external hard drive.

Need some help with hard drive 'swapping'.

Need Files From Old Drive

Need help with replacing hard drive

Need help with hard drive (might have purchased the wrong one)

Need some advice on a new hard drive purchase

Need help with a newly bought HDD.

Need help installing new hard drive

need QUICK help connecting my hard drives and cd rom; slave/master

Need help on format hd

Need suggestion for HDD upgrade


Need to introduce another mobo to hard drive

Need Help looking for a good External HDD

Need to erase a hard drive

need new Hard Drive. . . What Kind Should I get?

Need to recover data from a dead computer

Need to know wat type of hard drive to buy for my notebook

need help with sata drives

need to move my hd to another computer

Needing To Get Data Off IDE Hard Drive

Networking External HD's without connection to a base computer.

Need to get into hard disk

Needed info off old harddrive

New build no HD detected

New build not seeing SATA HD

New comp not recoginizing old HDD

Networking laptop with desktop slave drive

new build advice: HD formatting

New build - XP/RAM/SATA conflict issues.

New external HDD and Flash drive


New Hard Drive

New Hard Drive problems

New Hard Drive beeping and clicking at me : (

New hard drive Can't find device drivers

New Hard Drive has begun rattling

New hard drive for my dell 4600i

New hard drive in Toshiba laptop

New hard drive is not recognized by Compact Pressario SR555OF


New Hard Drive Working

new hdd not in my computer

New hard drive not recognized

New HDD problem

New Harddrive doesnt work. Bios update?

New HDD running frequently

New hdd's and massive install errors

New HDD Slow Tranfer

New drive - jump from ide to sata; couple of performance questions

New hard drive for older computer.

New hard drive formatting

New hard drive freezing

New mobo and CPU with old Hard Drive

New Hard Drive Problems (can't get my new slave to work)

New Hard Disk For Old PC

New hardware old HD.

New HDD required?

New hard drive for gaming

New motherboard/old disk drive

New hard drive not being detected in custom build PC

New PC Storage System Advice

New laptop has 2 separate drives.

New PC posts fine until I hook a hard drive into Primary IDE

New hard drive operating but old one shows in bios

New 2.5' SATA HDD does not seem to pickup on LG C500 Laptop

New partitions worry me

New external hard drive not showing

New Harddrive are they all compatible

New HD not recognized

New SATA HD power problem

New hard drive what do I need?

New sata hard drive problem cant remember how to bring online

New motherboard old windows

New HDD won't fit my computer

New Harddrive Issues

New storage hardware

Newbie & Install New Hard Drive

New Problem with 2 OS on 2 Hard Drives

New mobo doesn't detect HDD

New hard disk installed but laptop still dies off everytime it boots up

new hard drive and more mem?

New SATA Drive

New hard drive won't show up

New WD external drive not being read on XP

New WD 500GB HDD Noise

New SATA Drive not detected in Windows

No Boot After Installing SATA

New Motherboard - how to preserve hard drive contents?

New pc - old HD~

New to SATA

No hard drive

No boot with second hdd and DVD drive?

No HDD detected

No awnser to my SATA problem yet. HELP

New secondary hard drive

No Power to SATA hard drives

no net access to USB connected HDD

Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data

No signal to monitor after putting in new hard drive

not recognising correct size of hdd

Notebook randomly hangs - hard drive error?

New hard drive installation failure

No signal in monitor when adding new hard drive (internal)

No hard drives found

No hard disk

old hard drive problems

Old hard drive

Old HD not booting

Old Hard Drive in new PC as second Hard drive. Can it be done?

Old hard drive do I need a new one?

Operating System doesnt see my samsung serial ata harddrive

Old HDD New Problem

One U-ATA/133 drive

odd noise from hard drive when idle

Old Hard Drive as 2nd Hard Drive?

old hard drive format?

Old PC New IDE Drive

oops My hard drive has gone

One external HDD doesn't work but others do

Old HDD Backup Files in a new OS

OS unable to load with new slave hard drive installed

OS doesnt recognize sata drive

Optimizing Disk Space

One harddrive died

Onboard SATA controller can't recognize new 1.5TB drive

Obtaining files from old hard drive (different OS)

os installed on s-ata and p-ata not allowing boot to so

OS SATA HD down after hooking up additonal IDE drive

optimal sata setup

p4p800 sata raid array

Original hard drive as "slave"-- no access

Partitioning a hard drive

Partitioning a Mac HD through Windows 7?

Partitioning a second hard drive

OS doesn't recognize my SATA drive

Parameters for replacing a laptop optical drive?

Partition not working on hard drive

Password problem fixed. Read problem with HDD

Partition hard drive?

Partitioning Hard Drives

Partitioning my Hard Drive

Partitioning a HardDrive

PC can't find hard drives

PC laggy and sluggish when connecting additional hard drives

partitioning sata

partitioning my hdds

Partitioning a hd

Partitioning my HDD

PC advice - What's the best 160gb SATA hard drive?

PC will not boot directly from HDD

PC won't recognise secondary sata hdd (asus a7v8x mobo)

PC cant find hard drive.

PC won't boot with new HDD

PC hard drive to USB hard drive

PC clicks and freezes

PCI/ATA contoller 3rd disk drive

Plastic tab on SATA drive port broke off

PC won't recognize extra hard drives (edi) primary is SCSI drive

Plan on changing motherboard.

Please help with hard drive data recovery

PC wont boot after SATA drive installed

portable hard drive

Possible bad hard drive?

Portable Hard Drive Issue

Portable USB HD

Please Help With External Hard Drive

Please help me get the right configuration with new hard drive

potentially fried hard drive works when it wants

Portable hard drive won't show up

Portable hard drives unreliable?

Possibly jacked up my Prim HDD

Possible HHD failing

Possible Raid Formation

Possible hard drive failure.advice needed

Power IDE hard drive with USB

Powers on - but harddrive seems to only spin once

Primary Hard Drive Cannot read 2nd Hard Drive

Primary Hard Drive Replacement

Printer IDE cable Jam

Primary hard drive not showing data on it.

Problem of two different computers use one hard drive

Problem in installing seagate ATA HDD as primary slave.

Problem detecting second hard drive

Problem installing SATA hard disk

Previous WD hard drive 500GB could not be recognized as it always

Power plug fried - how do I get hard drive data?

problem installing new Hard drive

Problem when trying to reformat

Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Problem with new SATA HDD

Problem with new hard drive in Acer computer


Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

Problem Getting My New Hard Drive To Work

Problem w/ booting from 2nd drive (maxtor)

Problem with secondary HDD

Problem adding a 2nd drive in Win XP

Problem recovering data from laptop hard drive after motherboard failure

problem with slave hdd

Problem with changing WD external harddrive case

problem with new hard drive

Problems formatting my WD 200GB

Problems installing SATA HDD

Problems Instaling Seagate Slave Drive

Problems swapping Hard Drive

Probable harddrive probs

Problems with Hard drive- alot of missing storage

PROBLEMS after formatting my hard drive into NTFS

Problems with combining new motherboard w/ previous dell harddrive

probs after new HD install

Problem with new hdd

Problem with sound when hard drive is loading?

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