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I've killed my cd-rw - can anyone help?

LG DVDR-W Wont Burn Windows XP

LG DVD/CD-RW doesnt work

Lost Optical Drives

Loading CD driver.

Micron Client-Pro 480X Max CD-ROM not being read by PC

Missing CD & CD-RW drives

My CD rom dose not find a cd in drive

My computer fails to display external HDDs

My CDROM icon is missing

my DVD stoped working

my computer doesn't see firefly removable hard drive

my dvd-rw not find

My DVD-RW is not installing DVD9 games

My machine doesn't recognize some USB flash drives

My optical drive is not appearing

My PC can't install drivers for external USB drives

My problem with my cd/dvd drive

My USB2.0 harddrive is NOT recognized in Explorer or Disk Manager

My F:/ drive currently stopped working our of no where trying to access but can't?

New DVD burner not being recognized in XP

new DVD burner not working

New installation of Windows 7 no longer sees IDE CD/DVD drives

Newly built system will not recognize optical drive.

No sound and cdrom not recognized

Newly installed C: drive not visisble to my network

Not recognizing my DVD-rom

not detecting cdrw/dvd rom

ntfs drive not found

Optical drivers cannot be found.

Optical Drives Not Recognized

Optical drive not detected

PC's usb ports not detecting usb or removable devices

PCs sees flash dirve differently now.

Please help dvd rom drive not recognized

portable hard drive not recognized - no response at all

Philips SPD2410L1 not detected in windows

problem installing dvd burner

Problem Buring with my Pioneer DVD/RW CD/RW

Possible CD/DVD-ROM issue

Problem with HD being recognized

Problem with external USB disk

Problem with disk drives :\

Problem with XP PRO? CD rom Drives?

problem with dvd rw

Problem with Windows 7 reading thumb drive

Problem with USB stick device?

problem with cd drive & dvd drive

Problem with DVD drive

Problem with my DVD drive

Problems with HDD and DVD-RW

Problem with a 500GB Seagate expansion external drive

Problems with my CD-ROM and DVD/CD+RW drives

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