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Laptop freezes at desktop

Laptop freezes when left idle or on the Internet

Laptop Freezes 8 Seconds and Returns to normal State

Lockup with sleep mode

Microphone freezes computer

Monitor goes into standby and computer freezes

My computer continues to freeze

My computer freezes. I think it's hardware issue

My computer Freezes and crashs randomly.

My Computer Freezes At Random

My computer freezes whenever I copy

My computer stops working. Urgent Help

My CPU fan is spinning out of control

My computer loads to the windows xp screen then stops

My laptop crashes whilst watching videos

My desktop icons are disappeared and mouse and keyboard are frozen

My pc freezes freezes when left alone.

My computer freezes and then restarts itself (every few minutes). Tried System Restore but no good.

My pc just hangs at random moments

Mystery Freezing Computer

My system locks up when I get out of a game

my windows OS is experiencing hard lock ups on the desk top

My PC is randomly freezing or BSOD

Network cable causes Explorer freeze

New build freezing at start-up: possible PSU or RAM issue?

New PC regularly freezes

New PC freezes while gaming/bechmark only

newly built system - hangs on boot

Occasional freezing with online videos

PC freezes in games

PC freezing / crashing with loud buzzing sound loop

pc crashes when working with sound files

PC freezing randomly

PC freezes and/or restarts

PC hangs when video is played.

pc freeze sometime

PC Freezes all the time

PC freezing and not sure why?

PC Randomly Freezes

PC randomly freezing

PC freezes maybe a RAM issue?

PC keeps hanging and then switching off

PC freezes and restarts on occasionally

PC freezes during boot-up (green

PC locks up during games :(

PC Keeps freezing and wont wake up

PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots

Possible fix for XP freezing up

PLease help. PC hangs after downloading some video player.

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